“Fast, uncomplicated and economically”: Z1 SecureMail Gateway receives IT Security Award

Berlin/Germany, December 06, 2005 – Zertificon Solutions received the IT Security Award NRW 2005 for its product Z1 SecureMail Gateway. The jury claimed this server-based e-mail encryption software to be “fast, uncomplicated and economically” and thus an ideal IT security solution. Zertificon Solutions, Berlin-based security software specialist, received this award for the use of its product at Hoefer Vorsorge-Management.

Hoefer Group is a specialist for company pension schemes. The company has an active electronic communication with its 25 branches and their enterprise customers. Because of legal requirements in Germany (similar to HIPPA for the US) Hoefer has to protect exchanged e-mails with sensitive and personal data. Hoefer uses Z1 SecureMail Gateway a server-based software for e-mail encryption and electronic signature of Zertificon Solutions.

Z1 SecureMail Gateway acts as a centralized mail room that opens incoming mail and puts outgoing mail into envelops. It encrypts, decrypts and signs e-mail and validates signatures according to the policy: Automatically and without user interference. Thus Hoefer complies with legal regulations and fullfils customer requirements for secure mail with the least personal effort.

According to the jury this solution demonstrates ideally that secure e-mail communication can be fast, uncomplicated and economically. Employees receive more productive time without neglecting security.

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The Hoefer Group: http://www.hoefer-muelheim.de

IT security award: http://www.secure-it.nrw.de

Succes story (German only) http://www.zertificon.com/anwenderberichte.php

Picture http://www.zertificon.com/resourcen.php?k=1&t=11&detail

About Zertificon Solutions

Zertificon Solutions develops software for simplification and facilitation of security functions in electronic business processes and communications. The IT security products are designed for users in companies and institutions of all sizes and industries and stand out from the competition due to their comfortable and easy operation. The flagship product Z1 SecureMail Gateway protects the entire e-mail traffic of an organization by employing central encryption techniques and electronic signatures. The Z1 SecureMail Gateway is the leading European software with the most reference installations. Distribution and technical support is being provided by qualified and dedicated distribution partners. Zertificon Solutions´ customers include leading investment and savings banks, insurance companies, numerous suppliers in the automotive and electrical industry, lottery companies, as well as institutions and administrations at community, state and federal level. http://www.zertificon.com

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