Think Security Launches Revolutionary Two-Factor Authentication Solution

Vancouver, BC, Canada (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) December 6, 2005 — Think Security® today announced the commercial release of its Consumer Web Version of Think In!â„?. This is the first highly impenetrable two-factor authentication solution that is cost-effective for firms that provide internet transaction and information services to very large customer bases, such as Internet banking sites and wealth management firms. Think In!â„? is engineered using cognitive, psychological and statistical methods to determine person-presence for authorizing system access and transaction ability. It is easy for users to learn and uses existing infrastructure to ease deployment, maintenance and support. Most importantly, it does not use any private information in the authentication process.

In response to rapidly increasing identity theft and fraud, regulatory and industry associations such as the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) and FDIC (US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) are strongly recommending organizations strengthen access authentication to their internet services. This timely commercial release of Think In!â„? comes after two years of academic research, engineering, solution development, testing and a ten-month live trial at The Children’s Foundation in Vancouver, Canada.

Jim McLaughlin, Executive Director of The Children’s Foundation, is convinced of Think In!â„?’s value. “As a human service organization, confidence in the security of our clinical data is a paramount concern. Your Wetmetrics® system is simple to master and ensures safe data. Think In!â„? has given us that level of confidence.”

Rick MacDonald, President and COO of Think Security®, said, “We are pleased that Think In!â„? plays a key role in enabling The Children’s Foundation to reduce cost and streamline client service, giving management the confidence to securely deliver client data directly to the point of service through the Internet.”

About Think Security

Think Security® was established in 2003. Driven by our patent pending Wetmetrics® technology, Think In!â„? employs memory, cognition, psychology and statistics to establish a dynamic relationship between the user and the service that evolves with every interaction. The result is an ever changing security profile as unique as the user and as safe as their private thoughts. Think In!â„? is classified with biometrics as a two-factor authentication methodology based on “something you are”. Like biometrics, Think In!â„? verifies person-presence (the person who is using credentials is actually the person who owns the credentials). However, Think In!â„? does this without the high cost of authentication devices, without high false rejection rates and with no risk of exposing private information as part of the verification process.


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