Cyberoam Unified Threat Management Appliance Eliminates Anonymity from Internal Threats

(Ahmedabad. India. 15 December. 2005) Cyberoam Unified Threat Management appliance announces the introduction of advanced version of Intrusion Detection and Prevention that identifies the username in case of internal threats, announced Elitecore Technologies. In addition, it allows administrators to implement policy-based alerts which reduce false positives and negatives.

“In addition to one of the largest signature databases, Cyberoam offers a 2-point enhanced IDP value to enterprises,” says Harish Chib, VP-Marketing, Elitecore Technologies. “IDPs are a perfect case of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Although anywhere between 40 to 70 % organizations use intrusion detection systems, these systems are more often than not ignored since they generate a high number of false positives which increase network load and are unmanageable in number.”

Firstly, Cyberoam UTM, with its multi-policy capability, allows administrators to choose different settings according to the threat potential based on signature, source and destination.

With current solutions, administrators are forced to set a general IDP policy irrespective of these elements, creating needless noise and more importantly, blocking false positives. Ultimately, genuine traffic is blocked and administrators end up relaxing controls, leading to compromised security. Secondly, Cyberoam’s single sign-on pinpoints the source of internal threats by the username. In doing so it goes well beyond the current practice of reporting by IP addresses. According to leading analysts, internal threats are cause for serious concern. They can lead to loss of confidential information or may consist of harmful activity involving threat propagation.

Cyberoam takes advantage of the fact that internal threats in contrast to incoming threats are not anonymous by nature. Cyberoam puts a face to these threats by identifying the source by the username. This ensures high levels of security even in Wi-Fi and DHCP environments with dynamic IP allocation.

These enhancements are in tune with Cyberoam’s constant endeavour to deliver granular controls comparable to those of niche solutions in addition to unique user-based capabilities in its UTM features. Cyberoam is the next generation security appliance that provides the complete range of security features packed into a single solution. With user-based management that forms the basis of its entire feature list of firewall, VPN, anti-virus, anti-spam, IDP, content filtering, it provides granular security even over multiple ISP links.

In doing so, Cyberoam provides real-time enterprise protection from emerging threats like spyware, phishing, pharming, in addition to comprehensive protection against viruses, worms, Trojans and other attacks. In addition, it allows administrators to allocate dedicated bandwidth to applications like VoIP.

Cyberoam provides security to more than 500 corporates, educational institutes and government organizations worldwide.

About Elitecore Technologies
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