SmoothZap Adds Email Anti-Virus To Advanced And Corporate Firewalls

Leeds UK – 30 January, 2005 – SmoothWall Limited, the Internet security specialist, today launched SmoothZap, an email anti-virus module for its Advanced and Corporate firewalls.

SmoothZap includes transparent SMTP and POP3 proxies so that all email traffic, including any email received from employees’ personal email accounts, is subject to anti-virus scanning. By blocking malicious email at the network perimeter before it reaches potentially vulnerable targets, SmoothZap provides the highest possible protection against viruses, worms and email-borne spyware. The mail relay capability of SmoothZap also allows mail servers to be safely located in the same network zone as user PCs.

“As mail servers are particularly vulnerable to external attack, SmoothWall, like most network security experts, normally recommends that mail servers be located in a DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ),” comments George Lungley, managing director, SmoothWall. “Segregation of mail servers into a DMZ is the ideal security solution as it protects user PCs in other network zones, but can restrict the usefulness of products like Microsoft Exchange Server. By reconstructing all email traffic passing through the firewall, SmoothZap protects mail servers from attack by mal-formed email designed to exploit server vulnerabilities.”

SmoothZap’s features include:

Anti-virus scanning of incoming and outgoing SMTP and POP3 email, including personal email

Transparent SMTP and POP3 proxies so no configuration changes need on user PCs

Mail relay to an internal mail server such as Microsoft Exchange

Rejection of “dark email’ (mal-formed email) at the network perimeter

Statistical reporting of email traffic

SmoothZap’s advanced reporting function provides a summary of all email traffic, by number and size on a daily, weekly and monthly basis enabling administrators to monitor email usage. This data is then broken down to list the numbers of emails sent and received by individual users. This reporting can also be extended to provide an analysis of blocked email, again by number and type of virus, worm or spam rejection reason.

The SmoothZap module is available now for SmoothWall Advanced Firewall and Corporate Firewall, with an introductory price of only ?150 for unlimited users, mail-boxes and domains. Twelve months anti-virus subscription updates are included in the initial licence price.

About SmoothWall

Formed in 2000, SmoothWall is the leading Internet security provider now protecting over a million networks worldwide. With its specialist development team, SmoothWall has harnessed years of technical expertise to develop a suite of firewall, virtual private network (VPN), content filtering and bandwidth solutions used by SMEs, large corporate organisations and educational institutions.

Based in the United Kingdom, with offices in Leeds and Southampton, SmoothWall delivers global security solutions through a worldwide support network, with representation in the USA, North and South America, Europe, Africa the Middle East and Australasia.

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