Anonymizer To Provide Censor-Free Internet To China

San Diego, Calif. – February 1, 2006 – Anonymizer® Inc., the leader in online identity protection technology and software solutions, today announced that the company is developing a new anti-censorship solution that will enable Chinese citizens to safely access the entire Internet filter-free, and also free from oppression and fear of persecution or retribution. This new program expands upon Anonymizer’s history of human rights efforts which provide a censor-free Internet experience for those in oppressed nations.

Anonymizer’s new anti-censorship solution for Chinese citizens will be available before quarter’s end. The solution will provide a regularly changing URL that users can access to open the doors to unfettered access of the World Wide Web. In addition, users’ identities will be protected from online tracking and monitoring by the Chinese government.

“Anonymizer is not willing to sit idly by while the freedom of the Internet is slowly crushed,” commented Lance Cottrell, president and chief scientist, Anonymizer Inc. “We take pride in the fact that our online privacy and security solutions provide access to global information for those under the thumb of repressive regimes.”

The communist government has taken a hard line against freedom of the press and access to information on the Internet. Google and others have been forced into a box by the Chinese government’s strict requirements, but Anonymizer stands firm on the issue of protecting civil liberties. The company has been protecting basic liberties for more than a decade. It enabled safe Internet communications for families split on either side of the Kosovo conflict; it was used previously by the Voice of America to ensure that news Web sites were not blocked by the Communist government in China. Anonymizer also works in conjunction with the Voice of America today to bring safe Internet access to Iranian citizens.

About Anonymizer

Anonymizer is the leading provider of Internet privacy and security solutions for consumers, corporations, organizations and government agencies. The company provides safe and secure Web experiences to millions of global Internet users. Its Web site is home to the world’s most popular Internet privacy service, Anonymous Surfing, which defends users from the most prevalent Internet privacy and security threats. Anonymizer identity protection solutions have been used to protect billions of Web pages since the company’s inception in 1995. Anonymizer is privately held and headquartered in San Diego, California. (

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