Breach Security Announces High Performance Model of BreachGate WebDefend Web Application Security Appliance at RSA Conference 2006

SAN JOSE, CA//RSA CONFERENCE 2006, February 13, 2006 – Breach Security, Inc., a leading provider of Web application security technology that protects privileged information from targeted Internet attacks, announced the availability of a new high-end model of the company’s flagship BreachGate WebDefendâ„? Web application security appliance. This model is designed to address the Web application security needs of data centers and large enterprises managing hundreds of Web applications.

The new BreachGate WebDefend GX200 fills out the BreachGate WebDefend line of Web application security appliances by providing enterprise-grade performance and scalability. The new appliance joins two other models of the WebDefend product line; a mid-tier appliance, the BreachGate WebDefend GX100, that is versatile enough for most organizations to use and the BreachGate WebDefend GX50 appliance for small organizations that need to secure only one or two Web applications. The new WebDefend GX200 provides a 150 percent increase in performance over the GX100 model. Breach Security will be demonstrating the new BreachGate WebDefend GX200 appliance at the RSA Conference 2006, a leading Internet security trade show.

“This new release of the BreachGate WebDefend appliance is designed to address the Web application security needs of data centers and large organizations,” said Kevin Overcash, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Breach Security. “The WebDefend GX200 demonstrates our strategy to address the growing web application security needs of large organizations, ISPs, ASPs, and datacenters. Organizations continue to add new Web applications and transition existing external and internal applications to the Web, increasing the need for Web application security to protect larger volumes of traffic and many Web sites in a cost effective manner.”

WebDefend is the only Web application protection solution that combines a non-intrusive security appliance with a behavioral profiling engine and comprehensive detection engines to identify all Web application attack techniques. This next-generation design gives organizations strong application protection at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

WebDefend automatically builds and maintains profiles of acceptable application behavior to validate interactions for each Web application. All traffic going to and from the web application is validated against this profile. Any invalid traffic is flagged as an anomaly and passed to the collaborative detection engines, thus providing a security context and priority to the attack as well as eliminating any false positive alerts. WebDefend will then take preventative actions as defined within its policy, such as blocking an attack or logging the user out of the application.

In addition, WebDefend’s ExitControlâ„? technology monitors outgoing responses from Web applications, using “BreachMarks,” or patterns that detect data, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, from leaving the corporate network. This functionality is critical to providing organizations with protection against identity theft incidents and provides them with the tools to comply with industry and governmental regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA, and SB1386.

WebDefend protects Web applications by integrating with existing inline network devices, such as network firewalls and load balancers, through its Distributed Detect/Prevent Architectureâ„? (DDPA), allowing organizations to leverage existing investments in best-of-breed technologies.

“Breach’s Web application security features tackle on the right problem: defense against both incoming AND outgoing threats,” said Andrew Jaquith, a senior analyst with the Yankee Group, Boston. “Focusing on inbound/outbound correlation and on outbound content leakage is smart. And automatic rule generation should help speed time-to-value with customers; this is an often-overlooked critical success factor.”

“BreachGate WebDefend GX200 makes deploying Web application security that much easier for large enterprises, ISPs and ASPs,” said Marc Shinbrood, CEO, Breach Security. “Other web application security solutions force organizations to implement application security as a single point of failure, and this introduces possible latency and hurts Web application performance and scalability. WebDefend integrates with other perimeter security solutions for a distributed approach to web application security. It’s a critical differentiation.”

Pricing and Availability.

The BreachGate WebDefend Web application security appliances are sold directly with prices starting at $24,995. Contact Breach at 1-800-393-0907 or send email to

About Breach Security, Inc:

Breach Security, Inc. is a leading provider of next-generation Web application security that protects corporate-critical information. Breach addresses today’s security needs by delivering solutions, for enterprises and government agencies alike, to effectively protect Web applications against Internet hacking attacks and resolve security challenges such as identity theft, information leakage, regulatory compliance, and insecurely coded applications. Breach was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif. For more information visit

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