SAINTexploit Provides Means to Verify Network Security

Bethesda, MD – SAINT Corporation, a global leader in network vulnerability assessment, announced today the launch of the SAINTexploit penetration testing tool. SAINTexploit allows administrators to quickly and easily evaluate the security—or vulnerability—of a network by running controlled exploits on targeted machines.

SAINTexploit goes beyond simply detecting vulnerabilities to exploiting them. This fully-automated product examines potentially-vulnerable services discovered by SAINT, exposes points where an attacker could penetrate the network, and exploits the vulnerability to prove its existence without a doubt. The file browsing and command execution capabilities resulting from a successful exploit provide undeniable evidence of a network vulnerability.

With the advent of increasingly strict information privacy and security regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA, organizations with sensitive information are hard-pressed to authenticate the security of their networks. As malicious attackers become ever more sophisticated, companies need network security products to keep pace. SAINT recognized this need and built on its current technology to develop SAINTexploit.

SAINTexploit demonstrates the path an attacker could use to breach a network, quantifies risk to the system, and allows administrators to manage resources more efficiently to better defend information assets. Armed with evidence of system weaknesses, companies are more equipped to fix vulnerabilities and secure their network.

“Threats to private data are multiplying, and federal regulations require companies to better manage security evaluations and defend their networks,” said Billy Austin, Chief Security Officer for SAINT Corporation. “With SAINTexploit, network administrators have the control and authority to examine, expose, and exploit vulnerabilities.”

SAINTexploit’s features include seamless integration with the SAINT graphical user interface, a multi-platform exploit library with continuous updates, and the ease of use to manage penetration testing in-house. SAINTexploit offers additional tools to test client vulnerabilities such as web browser and media players.

The launch of SAINTexploit corresponds with the release of the SAINT Scanner 6.0 vulnerability assessment tool. SAINT 6.0 features comprehensive vulnerability tests, easy-to-use web-based interface, and full integration with SAINTexploit.


SAINT Corporation provides network security tools to financial, government and educational institutions around the world. The SAINT vulnerability assessment tools are recognized as industry leaders by top information-security organizations and publications. For more information about SAINT, visit

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