Espion to distribute WinMagic’s Market-Leading SecureDoc Full-Disk Encryption Solution in Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, Monday, 13 March 2006 – WinMagic Inc. (, the innovative leader in full-disk encryption solutions and a member of the Smart Card Alliance, today announced it has selected Espion as its distribution partner in Ireland. This latest expansion of WinMagic’s partner network underscores the company’s commitment to increase its market share in Europe and is response to the positive feedback it has received from its European partners on the fast-increasing demand for its SecureDoc full-disk encryption solution,

Perfectly suited to Ireland’s increasingly-mobile workforce, WinMagic’s award-winning SecureDoc full-disk encryption solutions encrypt a user’s entire hard disk at preboot to provide unmatched protection for confidential and sensitive data on laptops, desktops, and handheld devices. By providing full-disk encryption at preboot (after the BIOS (basic input/output system) loads, but before the computer’s operating system boots up) SecureDoc makes it simple to protect data without complicating the log-on process – the SecureDoc log-on screen simply replaces the Windows GINA to make the solution virtually transparent to the user. Seamless integration at preboot also makes it simple to combine SecureDoc full-disk encryption with multi-factor authentication, such as smart card, token, biometric, and PKI authentication technologies.

“As Ireland’s leading IT security distributor, Espion is ideally qualified to increase WinMagic’s visibility in Ireland,” explained Thi Nguyen-Huu, President & CEO, WinMagic. “Espion understands it is impossible to guarantee the security of internal, partner, or customer data without encrypting the entire hard drive – especially on easily-stolen mobile devices – and by seamlessly integrating with increasingly-popular smart card, token, biometric, and PKI authentication technologies right at pre-boot, SecureDoc makes it simple for organizations to incorporate full-disk encryption within a complete security system without adversely affecting laptop performance or complicating user logon.”

“Espion’s resellers understand that as today’s workforce becomes more reliant on portable devices, organizations will increasingly look to implement fully-integrated security solutions that can protect both office and mobile users,” said Jim Lehane, sales director, Espion. “SecureDoc makes it simple for organizations to seamlessly integrate full-disk encryption with authentication technology within a complete security solution to fully protect data on the entire network…even on easily-lost or stolen laptops and handheld devices.”

Designed for today’s highly-dispersed European business environment, the SecureDoc Enterprise Server integrates with Active Directory, LDAP and PKI servers to let administrators install, encrypt, and configure user machines centrally, and enables secure, yet flexible creation and distribution of keys and key files, as well as assignment of access privileges to users. Administrators can customize password rules for the entire network, as well as recover lost passwords through a secure one-time challenge and response online engine. Most importantly, the unique design of the SecureDoc Enterprise Server Key file management eliminates all the vulnerabilities associated with the ‘Master Password’ concept so commonly used by other encryption software.

Recent SecureDoc upgrades include support for larger drives to enable an unlimited number of partitions to be encrypted with different keys; a new encryption header, which enables SecureDoc to encrypt files with more flexibility; and support for multiple languages. Additionally, SecureDoc now performs an integrity check at pre-boot – making it simple to control/update all existing profiles from the SecureDoc Enterprise Server and enabling an administrator to centrally change user passwords or password rule settings for all client machines at any time.

Built on the PKCS#11 standards, and featuring the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm, SecureDoc’s encryption design has achieved validations for Common Criteria and FIPS 140-1 Level 2, among others.

About WinMagic Inc.

WinMagic Inc., is a Canadian company based in Mississauga, Ontario. Its SecureDoc line of products ensures protection of sensitive information stored on desktops, laptops and PDA’s by employing authentication through passwords to hardware tokens, biometrics, and PKI commencing right at pre-boot time. WinMagic’s award winning products fulfil the requirements of even the most security conscious users by focusing on concrete security features, nevertheless still offering unparalleled flexibility. For more information concerning WinMagic’s products or services, please visit, call 1-888-879-5879 (toll free in North America), +1 905 502-7000 (worldwide), or email

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