AMUST Software Announces Amust 1-Password

Saint-Petersburg, Russia, March 20, 2006 — AMUST Software today announced AMUST 1-Passwordâ„? – the next generation Internet Password Manager. 1-Password offers unparallel security, convenience and ease-of-use. It generates a unique secure password for every web site based on user’s Master Password and provides a user with automatic “1-click” secure web login.

“Today’s web user has tens of web sites to login into, including bank, credit card and other financial accounts, shopping web sites, email service, community and many other online services. Because people cannot remember many passwords they use the same password for different web sites or write their passwords on a piece of paper. These practices lead to substantial security risks.” – said Ratmir Timashev, president and CEO, AMUST Software. “1-Password helps a web user to dramatically reduce the security exposé associated with Internet passwords. It helps to mitigate the risks from spyware, keyloggers as well as phishing attacks providing stronger security and ultimate convenience”.

Unlike other password managers on the market 1-Password does not employ password database and does not store user’s passwords or encrypted passwords anywhere which results to less risks from spyware and stronger security. 1-Password uses one-way hash (HMAC-MD5 encryption) of user’s Master Password and the web site address to generate a unique password for the web site. For example: “Master Password” + “” = “unique secure password for user’s Citibank online account”. 1-Password generates the password “on-the-fly” at the time of user’s login.

AMUST 1-Password offers the following key benefits:
Strong Security – With AMUST 1-Password a user has different strong passwords for every web site. A user must remember only one Master Password. In addition, user passwords are not stored anywhere and generated only at the time of login mitigating the risks from spyware that can target the database of passwords residing on user’s PC. Also, “1-click” automatic login offered by 1-Password dramatically reduces the risks from keyloggers and phishing attacks as there is no need to type the login and password, and the web site address cannot be faked because the genuine URL is stored by 1-Password.
Convenience – Another innovation introduced by 1-Password is the use of users’ personal email (such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Google mail) to store and automatically synchronize program data and configuration settings between user’s computers. As a result a user can securely login to his/her web sites from user’s home, office or any other computer where 1-Password is installed without the need for manual synchronization. 1-Password’s automatic synchronization offers ultimate convenience and portability for users who use more than one computer.

Again, a web site login password is not stored on user’s computers, personal email and anywhere else. It is generated only at the time of a user’s web site login. The web site login password is based on user’s Master Password and the web site address or URL!

In addition, users can generate their passwords from any other computer using 1-Password online service:
Ease of Use – Now the only thing a user needs to remember is Master Password. 1-Password’s “1-click” automatic login feature offers essential ease-of-use. When a user needs to login to a web site he/she points to the appropriate bookmark and is automatically logged in.

1-Password is a browser plug-in. It currently supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, and the support for Firefox is coming soon.

AMUST 1-Password is free and limited to 10 Web logins. AMUST 1-Password Pro is priced at $29.99 per user. 1-Password Pro can be pre-ordered at the introductory price of $19.99 until May 20, 2006.

AMUST 1-Password is schedule to be released in Q2, 2006. AMUST 1-Password Beta is available right now as free download at:

More information about AMUST 1-Passwordâ„? is available at:

About AMUST Software

AMUST Software, founded in March 2005 by Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov, the founders of Aelita Software, one of the leading providers for systems management solutions to enterprise Windows environments. Aelita Software was acquired by Quest Software in March, 2004.

The strategic directions of AMUST Software include solutions for PC system & security management and network management. AMUST Software has the long term plan to become the major software provider in these areas of IT industry.

Company’s website:

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