Appgate network security launches the world largest secure access solution in one single server

AppGate launches a 10,000 user solution in one single server based on the T2000 from SUN. The new solution that will be an appliance from Appgate called A10 and is available for customers today.

With this new solution, Appgate has again shown its leadership in access security and application/device security. By making it possible to have as many as 10,000 users in one single box it is now even easier to build large scale implementations. For even bigger installations or in situations where redundancy is needed, it is possible to cluster several A10 servers together. The reason why this solution is developed is that in a world where network perimeters are becoming harder to define, building a secure wall around the corporate network is no longer a solution. Mobile users and 3G connectivity makes it hard to define what is inside and what is outside of a company’s network. Solving all access problems with today’s security products often results in a complex environment comprising many different products each addressing one issue. This is a driving force why solutions need to be able to support many users at the same time.

“From now on security products have to behave differently. With Appgate’s integration of many security features into a single system and with our ‘single point of power’ concept, it is now possible to deploy a user-friendly system and increase security at the same time. AppGate protects application servers, end point devices and provisions secure access without the need to rebuild the network infrastructure every time the organization changes” says Tomas Olovsson, CTO of AppGate

The A10 has all the award winning features of the Appgate solution such as:

Server acts as a firewall to protect applications
Application-level VPN system for both Mobile and PC users
Roles and Rights management for granular access based on polices
Client check and Client command for device security
Support for all authentication systems and can be connected to LDAP and Radius servers
Support for all application protocols including VOIP
Secure single sign on enabler
URL filtering
Secure Instant Messaging
Cache cleaning
Access to email and Intranet on mobile phones
Centrally Managed Distributed Personal Firewall

About Appgate network security AB

In a world with fewer borders, the demand for network security changes from security at the gate to security at the source. AppGate is the leader in this space with a solution that protects applications, protects communication and secures end point devices. The AppGate solution supports all types of transmission, fixed, wireless and mobile and is easily integrated into any customer environment. AppGate has customers in 19 countries, many from market segments like defence, government and Fortune 500 companies

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