Cyber-Ark Software Delivers Future-Proof Privileged User Management Support

London – March 20, 2006 – Cyber-Ark(r) Software Inc., the information security software company that develops and markets digital vaults for securing and managing highly-sensitive information within and across global enterprise networks, today announced Super Plug-In support for its Enterprise Password Vault solution for securing, sharing and managing administrative passwords. This enhancement allows the enterprise password vault to manage passwords on all systems, databases, applications and network devices found within a heterogeneous IT environment, thus allowing companies to fully solve their privileged user management challenges across their organisation.

Up to 70 percent of system breaches are caused by internal users, and in particular, users who mistakenly or purposely misuse their privileged access capabilities. Until recently, organisations had no way to effectively secure, manage and track the provisioning, use, and relocation of privileged user passwords- thus leaving these very powerful passwords especially vulnerable, and a potential source of damaging information leaks.

“Enterprise IT environments are continually changing,” said Adam Bosnian, Vice President of Products, Strategy and Sales at Cyber-Ark. “Managing administrator privileges and shared passwords, particularly across disparate computing environments, is a vexing problem for IT departments as well as an imminent security risk. Enterprise Password Vault is the only solution available today offering the flexibility required to easily extend password management across disparate technologies. It provides the means to control and monitor access to privileged or administrative accounts, protecting organisations against commonly exploited security gaps and auditing blind spots.”

As organisations and regulatory bodies are focusing heavily on operational risk reduction, the issue of properly managing these powerful passwords becomes critical. The Enterprise Password Vault solves the complete spectrum of privileged user management problems allowing organisations to better control, manage and track generic IDs, hard-coded IDs, and System Administrator and Root identities for all types of devices and applications. This novel solution provides a “safe haven” where privileged users’ passwords can be securely archived, transferred, shared and managed by authorised users, such as IT staff and administrators.

Addressing this issue in typical IT environments that encompass a wide range of different devices, systems, operating systems, databases and applications is even more challenging. But to fully solve the security risk of unmanaged privileged user access, companies must solve the problem across their heterogeneous computing environment. With the new Super Plug-In technology, Enterprise Password Vault enables password management for practically any new device with no need for code development or software upgrades-eliminating the upgrade pains and risks for customers and allowing full support for their own unique IT environment. In addition, the Super Plug-In technology was designed for maximum flexibility for adapting to emerging technologies as they appear, thus providing true investment protection.

“Safeguarding super user passwords can quickly become a headache in today’s complex IT environments,” said Sally Hudson, research manager for IDC’s Security Services and Identity Management Products program. “Businesses need a means to centrally control high-level access across firewalls, servers, databases and other devices.”

Cyber-Ark’s patented Vaulting solutions allow organisations to protect and share information both over the Internet between discrete enterprises and manage critical information within a single network. The company’s technology is used to secure the most valuable assets of some of the largest military, banking, manufacturing, airline and governmental enterprises in the world. Password Vault is an extension of this technology specifically built for administrative passwords. Cyber-Ark’s Password Vault offering provides a “safe haven” within the enterprise where all administrative passwords can be archived, managed and shared.

About Cyber-Ark

Cyber-Ark Software is an Information Security company and the leading provider of digital vaults for securing and managing highly-sensitive information within and across global enterprise networks. Based on patented Vaulting Technology(tm), Cyber-Ark’s digital vault products include: the Inter-Business Vault(r), a secure infrastructure for cross-enterprise data exchange of highly-sensitive information; the Network Vault(r), for secure storage and management of highly-sensitive documents, and the Enterprise Password Vault, for the secure management of administrative, emergency and privileged user passwords.

Cyber-Ark Software was founded in 1999 by a team of industry-recognised security experts with the aim of producing a truly effective security offering where complete end-to-end security was the initial, key design consideration rather than applied as an afterthought. Today, over 200 Global 1000 companies rely on Cyber-Ark Software’s digital vault solutions for managing, sharing and securing highly-sensitive information both within their organization and with their partners, vendors and customers. Cyber-Ark Software is privately held and backed by some of the world’s most successful venture capitalists, including Jerusalem Venture Partners, Seed Capital Partners (a SOFTBANK Affiliate), JP Morgan/Chase Partners and Vertex Management.

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