F-Secure joins forces with Orange to launch mobile antivirus solution

F-Secure Corporation has partnered with Orange to offer an automatic antivirus service in Switzerland. The F-Secure Mobile Antivirus Software is downloaded directly to a user’s mobile phone from the mobile Internet portal Orange World while automatic updates ensure the best possible protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, etc. The F-Secure Mobile Antivirus Software can be tested for one month free of charge. After the free trial period, virus protection costs three Swiss francs a month.

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly multifunctional with such features as mail exchange, data exchange using Bluetooth, infrared or cable, receipt of MMS messages and downloads from the Internet. Even though the risk of catching viruses, worms, Trojans, etc. on the mobile phone is still negligible in comparison with that in the world of PCs, the possibility of a virus attack on a mobile phone or a PDA/Smartphone can no longer be ruled out.

“The danger of a virus attack on mobile phones, PDA/Smartphones is still small. Nevertheless both, private persons and companies, are showing great interest in a simple, cheap, effective security solution. This interest was also confirmed during the pilot phase we ran with F-Secure in the second half of 2005. Our partnership with F-Secure enables us to meet this need. It means that we are able to provide our customers with the security they expect when using the many different options for mobile communication,” said Martin Troxler, Director Business Excellence at Orange, when summing up the development.

“Orange demonstrated its customer orientation and foresight around four years ago with its pioneering launch of the multifunctional SPV Smartphone. Now Orange is doing it again by providing the most comprehensive solution from F-Secure for the protection of mobile devices against harmful content that is available on the market. It is important that we draw the attention of users of mobile devices to the security risks and protection options in the field of mobile communication. The marketing activities planned in conjunction with Orange, such as SMS campaigns, will promote the success of our cooperation,” said Antti Vihavainen, Vice President Mobile Security at F-Secure Corporation, who was clearly pleased about the partnership.

Simple and cheap The F-Secure Antivirus Software can simply be downloaded directly to a mobile phone from the mobile Internet portal Orange World at http://mobile.orange.ch/antivirus. As soon as the installation file (between 400 KB and 750 KB depending on the device) has been downloaded and the software has been installed, automatic updating can be set and the mobile phone can be checked for viruses. From this point on, the mobile phone is protected against viruses, worms, Trojans and the like. The mobile phone checks for the latest software updates and installs them itself, either via SMS or by means of an Internet connection via GPRS/UMTS.

The F-Secure Antivirus Software is currently available for the following mobile phones and PDA/Smartphones: Nokia 3220/6260/6600/6630/6670/6680/6681/ 7610/N70 and N90, SPV M500/M1000/M2000 with Windows Mobile 2003 and SPV M5000 /M3000/C550 and C600 with Windows Mobile 5.0.

The Antivirus Software may be tested for a period of one month free of charge. For Orange customers who have subscribed to the Express or Power Option, the data transmission when downloading the software is already included in the monthly fee of five francs (Express Option) or 15 francs (Power Option). If the customer has not subscribed to the Express or Power Option, the standard UMTS/GPRS tariffs is charged for the data transmission of the download (this will, however, be no more than eight francs).

After the free trial period there will be a monthly charge of three francs for the automatic F-Secure Mobile Antivirus-Software updates. Charging is carried out simply and conveniently via SMS messages for which charges apply (three SMS’s at one franc each). The service can be cancelled at any time using the installed software. Charges for data transmission when updating the Antivirus Software are billed at the standard UMTS/GPRS rates.

Further information can be found on the Internet at https://www.orange.ch/security.

About Orange Switzerland Orange Communications AG, Lausanne, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Orange SA/France Telecom group. On May 29, 1998 BAKOM (the Federal Office for Communications) granted Orange the license to build and operate a GSM 1800 MHz mobile network. On June 29, 1999 Orange was the third provider to enter the Swiss market and its own network now has a coverage of almost 99% of the Swiss population. In December 2000 Orange acquired one of the four UMTS licenses. By the end of 2005 Orange’s total turnover had reached 1,356 million francs and its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) were 395 million francs. By the end of 2005, Orange’s customers numbered 1,249,000, the company had invested over 3 billion francs and had 1,400 employees. For further information about Orange visit www.orange.ch. About F-Secure The F-Secure Corporation provides companies and private users with multiple award-winning software solutions for protection against viruses and other threats from the Internet. These products include antivirus solutions, desktop firewalls, intrusion prevention, anti-spam, parental control and anti-spyware solutions. Of particular benefit to companies is the central management of the F-Secure IT security solutions via a single console. Our experienced team of world-renowned antivirus researchers guarantees that we will be fast to react and provide updates for our virus protection software. Established in 1988, F-Secure has its headquarters in Helsinki in Finland and has been listed on the Helsinki stock exchange since November 1999. The company has offices in Germany, the U.S.A., Sweden, Japan and the United Kingdom. F-Secure is supported throughout the world by partners in over 50 countries. F-Secure solutions are also obtainable from large Internet service providers such as Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom. Constantly updated information on the latest viruses can be found in the weblog of the “F-Secure Antvirus Research Team” at www.f-secure.com/weblog.

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