Panda Software releases a full report on targeted attacks on corporate networks

Panda Software has presented a white paper entitled “Protection for corporate networks against targeted attacks” to offer network administrators information about this type of threat and how to combat it.

Unlike the typical malicious code attacks, which aim to affect as many systems as possible, targeted attacks focus on a specific user. Typical examples include cyber-crooks who use instant messaging to gain the trust of potential victims before sending them infected files.

Although many of these attacks use known malicious code, in the case of large companies, bespoke malware is often used to increase the chances of success. The malicious code becomes far more complex, as the objectives of the criminals attacking a large corporation are far more ambitious: financial theft, creation of botnets, stealing critical data, sabotage, industrial espionage, etc. These types of attacks are frequently bankrolled by organized gangs or rival companies.

Large companies are also potentially vulnerable to targeted attacks aimed at blackmailing the victim. The criminals demand money in exchange for not launching, say, a denial of service (DoS) attack or similar against the company. According to the SANS Institute, corporate data theft led to losses among companies in the Fortune 1000 list of almost 100,000 million euros. However, these types of incidents frequently go unreported by the largest companies in order to avoid collateral problems.

In its white paper, Panda Software looks in detail at the fundamental concepts for protecting against targeted attacks, examining the types of malicious code used and solutions in order to counter them (IPS, HIPS and PIPS).

When it comes to the role of Panda Software’s TruPreventâ„? Technologies in dealing with these problems, ICSA Labs reported that they had not recorded “a single instance of TruPreventâ„? Technologies inappropriately blocking legitimate activity”. Similarly, the results of TruPreventâ„? Technologies were described as “impressive results for detection based on behaviour alone”, by AV-Test in a test for PC Magazine.

The “Protection of corporate networks against targeted attacks” white paper can be downloaded free from the Panda Software website at:

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