AEP Netilla Security Platform Release 5.2.2 SSL VPN now shipping

AEP Networks announced general availability of its latest SSL VPN platform. The AEP Netilla Security Platform (NSP) is now shipping with Release 5.2.2, a software enhancement that incorporates major advances in application access, security and compatibility.

The new NSP 5.2.2 features include:

Device Authentication: Client Machine ID (CMID) makes it possible to identify a user’s specific PC before being granted access to network resources. Based on proprietary AEP Networks technology, CMID creates a unique profile based on the device’s CPU, memory, network card addresses and other parameters. It enhances security by allowing organizations to limit access to specific pre-approved machines.

Windows and Citrix Terminal Server Application Access: The NSP’s Intelligent Port Forwarding (included with Web Proxy licenses) can now deliver a Citrix ICA client (Native, ActiveX, or Java) “on demand’ to the end user’s PC, eliminating the need for Citrix Web Interface (formerly NFuse) in the data center. Seamless display of Citrix Presentation Server (formerly MetaFrame) applications directly on the NSP webtop is also provided. This provides access to Citrix Presentation Server without going through Citrix Web Interface. Similarly, Intelligent Port Forwarding can now deliver a Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client “on demand’ to the end user’s PC for access to Windows Terminal Services applications for environments where the RDC client is used. This eliminates the need for end users to download and configure their own Microsoft RDC client.

Enhanced Files Access: The new Java-based Files browser offers a revamped user interface that will let users access their files directly from the browser window, making the remote user experience more closely resemble working from an office PC. The new files services also fully support international character sets for global use.

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