ISS announces Proventia Server for Linux

Internet Security Systems announced Linux support for its Proventia Server Intrusion Prevention System product line. Following on the heels of its Q4 2005 release of Proventia Server for Windows, this latest addition to ISS’ product portfolio adds protection for the world’s third-largest server market.

Key features of Proventia Server for Linux include vulnerability-based intrusion prevention, Buffer Overflow Exploit Prevention (BOEP) and support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SuSE Linux Enterprise Servers. ISS’ vulnerability-based approach to intrusion prevention is based on the findings of the company’s X-Force research and development team. This proactive approach allows organisations to protect against software vulnerabilities before specific threats on those vulnerabilities emerge in the wild and impact network assets.

By leveraging ISS’ Virtual Patch technology, Proventia Server for Linux is constantly updated with vulnerability discoveries and can automatically patch and protect critical servers until organisations are able to obtain and apply patches from affected vendors.

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