SealedMedia Version 5.0 enterprise digital rights management platform released

SealedMedia Inc. today launched Version 5.0 of its flagship enterprise digital rights management (E-DRM) platform. The new release delivers unprecedented scalability, improved corporate compliance controls, and intuitive Web-based administration tools that simplify enterprise deployments.

SealedMedia 5.0 which debuts following rigorous real-world enterprise testing, features a Standard Administrative Model and a Web-based Management Console. These enhancements, coupled with the overall simplification of the implementation process, position SealedMedia 5.0 as a mainstream E-DRM solution for everyday enterprise users who need to safeguard digital content within, across and between organizations.

The platform was designed with corporate compliance in mind. The software’s Standard Administrative Model provides a hierarchical system that manages rules and enforces auditable segregation of duties. For instance, SealedMedia 5.0 can ensure that financial managers can’t access HR records, and vice versa. Such capabilities are critical as companies strive to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other government mandates.

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