AMUST 1-Login 1.0 Internet password manager released

AMUST Software announced the release of AMUST 1-Login 1.0 – the next generation Internet Password Manager. 1-Login offers Single Sign On (SSO) to Internet users, the same functionality that has long been available to enterprise users who login into multiple systems and applications. 1-Login allows a user to securely login into multiple web sites by signing to 1-Login only once. It organizes users’ Internet accounts into secure bookmarks and provides a user with automatic “1-click” secure Internet logins.

1-Login provides unparalleled security, convenience and ease-of-use. Unlike other password managers 1-Login does not employ a password database and does not store user’s passwords, even in the encrypted form. Instead, 1-Login generates a unique password for each web site through one-way hash (HMAC-MD5 encryption) of user’s Master Password and the web site address. For example: “Master Password” + “” = “unique secure password for user’s Citibank online account”. 1-Login generates the password “on-the-fly” at the time of user’s login. This results to stronger overall security.

AMUST 1-Login offers the following key benefits:

– Strong Security – With AMUST 1-Login a user has a different password for every web site. A user needs to remember only one Master password for a Single Sign On to 1-Login. In addition, a user password for a specific web site is not stored anywhere and generated only at the time of login. This results to fewer risks from spyware that might target the database of passwords residing on user’s PC and stronger overall security. Also, “1-click” automatic login offered by 1- Login dramatically reduces the risks from keyloggers as there is no need to type the login password, as well as the risks from phishing attacks as the web site address cannot be faked because the genuine URL is stored by 1- Login.

– Convenience – 1-Login stores and automatically synchronizes program data and configuration settings between user’s computers. It uses users’ personal email such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Google mail to synchronize non-sensitive/or encrypted data and settings. As a result a user can securely login to web sites from home, office or any other computer where 1-Login is installed without the need for manual synchronization. 1- Login’s automatic synchronization offers ultimate convenience and portability for users who use more than one computer. In addition, users can generate their passwords from any other computer using 1-Login online service:

– Ease of Use – The only thing a user needs to remember is Master Password. 1- Login’s “1-click” automatic login feature offers essential ease-of-use. When a user needs to login to a web site he/she points to the appropriate bookmark on the 1- Login toolbar and is automatically logged in.

Original user passwords are stored encrypted in user’s personal email or on user’s PC (optionally) until the user changes the original passwords to 1-Login generated, at which point no passwords are stored anywhere. 1-Login is a browser plug-in. It currently supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, and the support for Firefox is coming soon. AMUST 1- Login is free and limited to 10 Web Logins. Registered version of AMUST 1- Login is priced at $29.99 per user and has no limitations. 1- Login can be ordered at the introductory price of $19.99 until May 20, 2006.

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