Apani expands Guardian Appliance Series with EpiForce 2.1

Apani Networks announced the availability of EpiForce 2.1 including an expanded series of security appliances which secure legacy systems running unsupported operating systems. This appliance-based agent alternative delivers expanded protection to enterprises as they establish, maintain and secure point-to-point communications within large-scale, heterogeneous environments.

With the release of Apani’s EpiForce version 2.1, large enterprises can now secure inside the network perimeter – without the need for gateways or “choke points’. EpiForce 2.1 establishes virtual network segments, or security zones, to provide defense in depth and protection against de-perimeterization. For each zone, EpiForce will enforce defined security relationships, report on all attempted unauthorized activity and provide a clear, automated audit trail, lowering the overall cost of audit.

Enhanced management features of Version 2.1 enable hierarchical delegation of administrative control. IT managers across multiple regions can administer local internal security policies, with corporate overview by senior IT management through a central console.

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