IntelligenceFocus launches non-conventional defence against phishing

IntelligenceFocus has released a new generation of security appliances able to convert traditional internet networks into phishing-immune networks. Proprietary DigiProbe appliances provide a unique combination of server-side intelligence analysis with network flows understanding and desktop compliance, analyzing digital contents and usage behaviours to prevent criminal activities and enforce regulatory compliance.

A first prototype infrastructure was deployed at a major European financial institution, where it successfully intercepted and blocked all phishing campaigns – and generated no false alarms.

DigiProbe was implemented in a cross-continent back-end infrastructure, stressed with more than 2,000 historical phishing campaigns, simulating the defence of thousands of web users and over 300 companies, including more than 100 banks and other financial and e-commerce institutions with global presence. This resulted in an extreme fine-tuning of DigiProbe appliances on real-life cases and tremendous anti-phishing performance, close to 99% fraud detection and prevention.

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