Trend Micro Introduces Network VirusWall Enforcer

Trend Micro Incorporated announced Network VirusWall Enforcer, its second-generation enterprise-class Network Access Control (NAC) appliance that ensures that all devices — managed or unmanaged, local or remote — comply with security policies before they’re granted access to corporate networks.

Unlike other first-generation NAC appliances that have been announced recently, Network VirusWall Enforcer integrates all aspects of NAC with anti-worm capabilities into one simple appliance. Its superior automation of the NAC flow, including agent-less remediation, reduces administrative burden and increases user productivity.

Deployable easily and with minimal IT burden in large enterprise networks around the world, Network VirusWall Enforcer’s agentless policy enforcement helps ensure that employees, contractors, partners, and visitors connect to corporate networks using a secure, virus-free device.

Network VirusWall Enforcer 2500 will be available in North America in June 2006.

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