“Dialer.ay’ rings In trouble for Internet users

Security Experts at MicroWorld Technologies inform that “Trojan.Win32.Dialer.ay’ is a porn dialer Trojan which works in a clandestine way to run reckless charges on telephone bills of unsuspecting Internet users.

“Dialer.ay’ stops the existing Dial-up connection and connects to a highly expensive pornographic number like the “900′ series in US or even numbers of a foreign country. Victim’s telephone bill will run into exorbitant levels and in many cases, users are forced to pay at least a percentage of the charges to get rid of the mess. If you really want to get these undue charges completely off your back, it will cost a lot of run around, complaints and even legal action, wasting your time and money again.

If you have a broadband connection and you do not use the Dial-up modem any more, it’s advised to remove the modem and telephone connection to avoid falling prey to this potential risk. With the arrival of broadband, the number of Dial-up connections has dropped drastically. Subsequently, dialer Trojans are now migrating to smart mobile phones. The “mosquito’ Trojan found last year, infects a game by the same name played on Symbian Operating System on Smart phones. This Trojan sends hundreds of messages to some specific numbers.

When you have a malware bundled into a masqueraded utility, oftentimes the malicious code is rewritten and altered to make it almost unrecognizable for many AntiVirus solutions who merely depend on Virus signatures.

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