Trojan Tricks You into Buying Rogue AntiVirus

If you get incessant alert messages oin your computer screen about Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Backdoors and severe system malfunctions, appearing with a yellow triangle and an exclamation mark in it, you could be infected with a dangerous Trojan- Downloader. The pop-ups created by this malware will prompt you to download a dubious AntiVirus program which does nothing but harm to your computer.

Security experts at MicroWorld Technologies inform that “’ directs computer users to download a rogue software named Winantivirus.

Using a gamut of false positives, Winantivirus will make you believe, buy and bring home a perpetual pain in your lives. Reports even suggest that such programs themselves install a couple of Viruses into computers and scare users into buying those products. Its virus scan and updates are nothing more than an eyewash to trick unsuspecting victims. Once installed, you can’t uninstall or remove it using regular methods.

Why install several different programs on your computer, when you can solve all your daily issues like viruses and popups with the single amazing solution?- Winantivirus asks you on its website. The program boasts of being a combination of Spyware Blocker, AntiVirus, Firewall and Popup Blocker!

“Slick and stylish promotion is the biggest strength of Winantivirus,” says Rajashekhar, Project Manager, MicroWorld Technologies. “It comes from the same group of people who produced “Errorsafe’ program that we exposed in the past. The parent of Errorsafe was Winfixer, and you can find conspicuous similarity in website design and logos of all these products. The website has a lot of Windows XP elements in it with a bold display of Windows logo to decoy users.”

Though the program claims to give you a pop-up blocker, your strife with pop-ups begins the moment you install the software. Advertisements of countless products will haunt you continuously, slowing down your computer and sometimes leaving you with no option but to shut the system down.

Winantivirus also works as a spyware that collects precious personal information from infected computers. This information can be passed on to marketers of dubious products or even cyber criminals who use the same for nefarious activities. Since the program runs in the background and installs files into system directory, it also leads to severe stability issues for computers.

“The days when these programs were a mere nuisance are over. Today, they work as Spywares, Adwares, Identity Thieves and conduits for Viruses and Trojans. Users need to be extra cautious about programs that tom-tom about providing you with one click solutions for all. One should only go for trusted and time-tested solutions approved by standard testing bodies of the industry,” points out Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld Technologies.

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