New PGP NetShare Encrypts Files Saved to Network Folders

PGP Corporation, a global leader in enterprise data security and encryption solutions, has announced PGP NetShare. The product addresses one of the greatest security risks facing companies today – unauthorised access to shared files – preventing accidental data access by internal users, IT administrators, or external partners. With PGP NetShare, authorised users can save and share files on file servers, using all applications as they currently do while benefiting from the comprehensive protection offered by PGP encryption.

PGP NetShare Features include:

– File encryption on network servers: Files saved to PGP NetShare folders on a network server are automatically stored in an encrypted form and cannot be opened if accessed by an unauthorised user.

– Encryption that follows the file: Files remain encrypted from the desktop, across the network, and when stored on the server. Files remain encrypted when downloaded and saved to local desktops as well as when backed up or archived.

– Directory access control rights: PGP NetShare files and folders have an associated access control list. Because files are automatically encrypted only to this list, only authorised users can open files. Unauthorised users that access these files see only ciphertext.

– Role separation: IT administrators can manage and backup PGP NetShare-protected files and folders without requiring content viewing privileges.

– Transparent to users: Once PGP NetShare folders have been created, users simply create, save, and share documents as before. No change in user behavior or training is needed.

– Supports all common document formats: PGP NetShare supports all common digital formats-document, spreadsheet, presentation, Web, video, and audio-without modification.

– Transparent to network & storage infrastructure: PGP NetShare can be used with any NAS, SAN, Windows server, or other locally attached storage.

– Multiple authentication options: PGP NetShare users can use a single PGP key or X.509 certificate to access all shared files to which they have access, including those hosted outside the organisation.

– Apply rules to existing folders: PGP NetShare rules can be applied to existing folders and can be synchronised with existing LDAP/Active Directory resources.

– Assured data access: Patented PGP Additional Decryption Key (ADK) technology ensures corporate access to encrypted data (according to policy) in the event a key is lost or when required by regulatory mandates.

– High-performance, highly scalable: Because PGP NetShare is client-based, it can scale to cover thousands of users without degrading system, server, or network performance.

– Fast to deploy, easy to extend: PGP NetShare is deployed as part of the PGP Encryption Platform, enabling other PGP applications to be turned on when needed without duplication of infrastructure.

Availability and Pricing: PGP NetShare will be available in English, German, and Japanese in early Q4 2006 through PGP Corporation’s global network of partners. Pricing begins at US$149 for a single unit; PGP NetShare is also available in bundles with other PGP applications.

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