MessageLabs announces next generation Web Security Services

MessageLabs, a leading provider of integrated messaging and web security services to businesses worldwide, today announced the launch of version 2.0 of its Web Security Services. The new services have been developed on a proprietary MessageLabs web scanning architecture and feature full integration with MessageLabs existing email and IM services and address the key business issues surrounding Internet use in the workplace: security, organizational compliance, and policy control.

At the heart of this integration is MessageLabs Skeptic technology, which has proven uniquely successful in stopping threats such as viruses, trojans, spam and phishing attacks across other communication channels. Skeptic allows the introduction of Converged Threat Analysis, taking recent threat and reputation information from other protocols, such as email, and applying that knowledge to web traffic, providing an unparalleled level of knowledge and protection for MessageLabs customers.

“This new service allows businesses to benefit from a completely new level of integration – across infrastructure, reporting, policy and perhaps most importantly true converged threat analysis,” said Jos White, President of MessageLabs. “Increasingly, our clients are looking to us to manage all of their messaging security needs. Our Web Security Services incorporate all of the knowledge and experience we’ve gathered through years of proven threat protection and management of email and IM traffic. We will continue to invest and develop MessageLabs patented technologies to keep pace with evolving security threats and keep them away from our customers’ networks.”

MessageLabs Web Security Services version 2.0 will be available
worldwide on July 3, 2006. To allow companies to take advantage of the
MessageLabs portfolio of fully integrated services, two cost-effective
service bundles will be offered: MessageLabs Email and Web Protect, and
MessageLabs Email and Web Protect and Control.

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