Trojan attacks antivirus software

You’ve seen Hollywood flicks in which the enemy sneaks in through some hatch, kills security guards in dark silence and cold blood, then moves on to open secret doors to bring in more of its fellow folks. Security experts at MicroWorld Technologies inform that a Trojan-Dropper named “’ works with an uncanny similarity to the sequences of a Beverly Hills potboiler.’s core component is a Windows PE EXE file written in Delphi, wrapped with UPX. Once launched, it goes on to disable popular AntiVirus Applications and paves way for more Adware, Spyware, Trojan and Backdoor.

Often, a Trojan Dropper slips into your computer from malicious websites without showing you any alert or notification. If via emails, they come with hoaxes, jokes, games, graphics and so forth to make the user believe that they are harmless, while discreetly performing deadly operations in the background.

Trojan Droppers contain a few other files than its core component. When executed, they extract these files into a temporary folder and run them all. At times, a Trojan Dropper masquerades its activities by keeping harmless image files like jpegs and gifs along with it. Some breeds of this malware are found to be extracting executable files straight to the memory and launch them, making it all the more difficult for many AntiVirus Solutions to prevent them. Trojan Droppers also tampers with the registry, in order to make the malware start automatically with Windows.

“Malware today, work in a coordinated and incremental fashion with well-defined tasks to be performed at each stage of infection,” viewed Sunil Kripalani, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, MicroWorld Technologies. “First you have a small piece of Javasript or VB script sneaking into your computer through a browser vulnerability. It stops security applications, logs on to other malicious websites and brings in all kinds of harmful stuff, compromising your privacy and security in the process.”

To thwart intrusions to information systems, MicroWorld offers the world’s most advanced security solutions, eScan and MailScan to the advantage of security conscious computer users worldwide. eScan provides Real-Time Virus protection and Content Filtering round the clock, powered by proactive methodologies and MWL technology. MailScan on the other hand, protects enterprise communication systems at the gateway level to provide a comprehensive Security Policy Enforcement across the board.

“Hundreds of species of malware are coming out with each passing day. There are mutants, variants, hybrids and brand new creations out there. The best fight-plan in such a scenario would be to have the most updated signature reaction system combined with the most intelligent proactive technology. In eScan and MailScan, we translate that concept into live action!” asserted Sunil Kripalani.

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