Airscanner Mobile Sniffer ported to Windows Mobile 2003 SE and 5.0

Due to popular demand, the award-winning Airscanner Mobile Sniffer for Pocket PC has been ported to WM2003SE and WM5.0. It now has an updated and highly optimized design.

Airscanner Mobile Sniffer gives you the power to:

– Sniff wireless packets in promiscuous mode
– Decode UDP, TCP, Ethernet, DNS, and NetBios packets
– Conduct network analysis on an entire WLAN segment
– Customize filters for source and/or destination IP Address, UDP Port, TCP Port, or MAC
– View real-time packet statistics
– Save results of capture sessions
– Export data to libpcap/Ethereal format for further analysis on a desktop PC

Airscanner Mobile Sniffer advantages include:

– True promiscuous wireless sniffing
– Works on most Pocket PC devices with built in WiFi, including WM5.0
– Crystal-clear network analysis thanks to libpcap/Ethereal format support

For more information, visit the product homepage.

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