World’s smallest secure USB flash disk introduced

Netac Technology Co Ltd, the company that invented the USB flash memory drive, has introduced the world’s smallest USB flash disk with built-in security. Weighing just 13g and measuring 5.5 x 13.5 x 53mm, the OnlyDisk U220 is truly tiny, with the body thickness almost the same as the USB connector itself, and feels extremely robust with a metal case and metal chain. Built-in security allows files to be stored securely, and unlike other drives, cannot be hacked to access data.

The new USB drive, priced at ?23.99, ?29.99 and ?49.99 for the 512Mb, 1Gb and 2Gb versions (inc VAT) provides a quick and secure method of transferring information between PCs. It is ideal for professionals who want to carry all their emails and files, for example, without fear of the data falling into the wrong hands.

Available immediately from online and high street retailers, including, Computashop and other high street retailers, the OnlyDrive U220 is manufactured in China by Netac. The company invented the USB drive in 1999 and holds the patent in China and USA. The company has introduced “Ultra-Stable Technology”, a patent-protected technology to provide protection against data or disk corruption that could occur if the drive is unplugged or powered off during data transfer.

Compatibility and speed

The OnlyDrive U220 is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003, Mac OS9.x/X and Linux 2.4x, and uses USB2.0 that can transfer data at up to 9.5Mb/s – a complete1Gb drive can be read in less than 2 minutes. The drive also supports USB1.1 and provides faster speed (1.2mb/s) than normal USB1.1 disks. The U220 supports BIOS boot up as USB-ZIP and USB-HDD.


The Netac OnlyDrive U220 has hardware security and encryption built-in. It is automatically shown as two removable drives on “My Computer”, one normal drive and the other a secure drive. Users can allocate any amount of capacity to either of the drives, or make the disk all secure without any public zone. The secure drive allows owners to set a “retry limit” on the password, locking the data if the wrong password is entered too many times. After this the drive must be wiped with the unlock utility to free the space. Unlike other drives which often need software for security, the Netac’s security is hardwired, preventing hacking. Also it is more convenient to use on other computers without any installation of software. A write-protect switch also prevents accidental file deletion.

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