StillSecure VAM vulnerability management platform gets an update

StillSecure announced VAM v5.5, the newest version of StillSecure?s vulnerability management platform. v5.5 features a dramatic increase in the number of users, devices, and scans that VAM can manage concurrently. Network administrators can now scan up to a million devices and track up to a billion vulnerabilities, which increases efficiencies and decreases the time it takes to manage vulnerabilities in large enterprise environments.In addition, VAM v5.5 contains much faster scanning and data management capabilities. Overall scanning speeds have increased by up to 400 percent, while importing and viewing new scan data is up to 200 times faster. The increased speeds streamline security administration, especially for customers with a distributed architecture including VAM Central Servers and Distributed Scanners.Other new features in VAM v5.5:

  • Dynamic report filtering – using filters, scheduled reports can be automatically populated with real-time data, eliminating the need to re-create and maintain regular reports.
  • Tighter integration with Security POV – users can seamlessly toggle between Security POV, VAM’s optional security management analysis module, and the traditional reports available in VAM.
  • Decreased hardware requirements – reduced footprint of the VAM Central Server enables fewer hardware requirements for distributed environments.

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