AirDefense announces Mobile 4.0 product

AirDefense today announced the release of AirDefense Mobile 4.0, the newest version of the company’s security and wireless network assessment tool. Mobile 4.0 includes a new analysis engine, which is built on the award-winning, patented technology used in the company’s flagship product, AirDefense Enterprise. The analysis engine provides network administrators with more than 100 security and performance-based alarms, along with other new features such as alarm notification via email or Syslog messaging.

Organizations use AirDefense Mobile to locate rogue access points and stations, and to take proactive steps to close any security holes as part of a WLAN policy compliance program. Mobile synchronizes with AirDefense Enterprise, enabling organizations to conduct quick and accurate scans of nearby wireless activities and devices. AirDefense Mobile uses the list of all devices and alarms seen by Enterprise to instantly know which devices are authorized and to enable a network administrator to easily locate rogue devices. This integration sets the AirDefense security solution apart from other solutions that simply inundate the user with a flood of information alerts.

The graphical user interface redesign of AirDefense Mobile includes separate wireless operations and security views of the WLAN environment, so users can quickly identify security threats or performance related issues and overall health of the wireless LAN. The analyzer also provides invaluable assistance in local troubleshooting, using diagnostics tools such as Connection Analysis, Authentication Support, Trace Route and Live View for traffic and packet analysis. AirDefense Mobile 4.0 now includes enhanced location tracking, allowing the user to track a device by collecting signal strength measurements from at least three different locations on the same floor map.

AirDefense Mobile runs on any Windows 2000 or XP platform, and installs on any laptop with an Atheros-based 802.11 a/b/g wireless card, such as Netgear (WAG511) or Cisco (CB21AG). A complete list of supported adapters is available from AirDefense.

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