Mac security freeware helps you protect your privacy

GlowWorm FW Lite is a neat looking application that can help you protect your privacy by enabling you to control your computer at the network level. It works through a simple system of rules and gives you a possibility of easily defining acceptable behaviour for a particular application, host/ip address, port number, and any combination thereof. By using the software users can track their applications that are connecting to remote destinations and find potential security risks.

The software was released a couple of days ago and is available as a free download. Based on the inital user feedback, the developer today released updated 1.0.9 version of the software that fixes a thread synchronization issue.

The user just needs to register via the developer web site and the installation key will be provided via e-mail. Mac OS X 10.4 is required to use GlowWorm FW Lite. Since the v1.0.8 release the software works perfectly on Intel Macs.

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