CP Secure and Kaspersky partner to stop web-based spyware and viruses

CP Secure Inc. and Kaspersky Lab announced today that they have formed a strategic alliance to add the industry-leading Kaspersky Anti-Virus scan engine to the CP Secure Content Security Gateway real-time anti-malware appliances.  The CSG now uses dual scan engines and stream-based scanning technology to provide customers with the most comprehensive and reliable gateway anti-malware scanning solution on the market today.

CP Secure’s CSG appliances now employ dual scan engines from CP Secure and Kaspersky.  By adding Kaspersky’s industry-leading scan engine to CP Secure’s ICSA Labs-certified scan engine, the CSG provides organizations with the most comprehensive malware coverage available today.  With Kaspersky Anti-Virus integrated, the CSG’s malware coverage has been expanded to include many instances of malware, ranging from viruses to worms and from spyware to adware, that other scan engines do not detect.  The CSG’s dual CP Secure-Kaspersky scan engines also utilize heuristic scanning and false alarm detection, ensuring that both known and unknown malware are detected reliably.

The CSG series with dual CP Secure-Kaspersky scan engines is available immediately.  CSG pricing remains unchanged and is on a per appliance basis for an unlimited number of users.  No additional charges, such as separate Kaspersky scan engine module or per user licensing, are required.  As part of a layered defense, the CSG appliances complement customers’ existing security products, thereby preserving and enhancing their past security investments.  Four CSG models are available for networks ranging from under one hundred nodes to several thousand nodes and are priced from $2,395 to $23,995.

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