Next generation VeriSign Log Services announced

VeriSign today announced the first fully-managed services to collect, analyze, store and alert on logs. Utilizing LogLogic’s industry-leading log management and intelligence platform (LMI), the solution will enable Enterprises and Government to address the complexities associated with monitoring, analyzing, retaining, and storing logs from servers, applications, databases and other critical infrastructure.

With corporate governance regulations proliferating, enterprises are increasingly turning to managed services to unblock the ‘log jam’ caused by new compliance mandates such as PCI and SOX, and the requirement to automate critical IT controls such as COBIT and ITIL. Log data — generated by applications and systems of all kinds — accounts for up to 25% of all Enterprise data and provide an immutable record of user and systems activity that is critical to compliance, operations and risk mitigation.

LogLogic’s Open Log Services Architecture delivers a log management platform on which differentiated services offerings can be built. The Architecture is fully compliant with a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which accelerates portal and workflow integration. Combining 100% log collection at speeds exceeding 50,000 messages per second for a single appliance with Agile Reporting & Alerting, ‘Google-like’ search and secure storage, MSS providers are now able to bring a new level of insight and services quality to customers.

LogLogic, together with VeriSign, enables enterprises to make better operational and financial decisions by providing a holistic view of system and user activity, policies and business impacts. With over 25% of all enterprise data from log files, LogLogic’s log intelligence platform includes sophisticated analytics to help customers understand the impact of security policy violations, internal and external threats or services quality changes, and to meet compliance regulations from Sarbanes-Oxley to HIPAA and PCI.

For more information visit Verisign service homepage.

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