Technology Pathways releases ProDiscover version 4.8

Technology Pathways announced today that it has begun shipping ProDiscover version 4.8 with several groundbreaking features including BIOS imaging capability, support for VMWare 5.0, and an enhanced ProScript API. These new features enhance the already tremendous value of ProDiscover, which was recently rated as “Best Value” in the forensic software category by SC Magazine.

VMWare support enables images created by ProDiscover to be easily loaded into VMWare 5.0 and run to investigate the operation of suspected systems. This is a powerful tool for investigators to determine exactly what any malicious code is doing in a safe environment.

ProScripts API enables the control of ProDiscover through industry standard Perl scripts. This enables investigators to automate much of the data collection and analysis of data or to launch ProDiscover at the onset on an incident to gather data automatically for later review and analysis. The enhancements to the ProScript API will allow more control over the application and make it even easier to control ProDiscover via Perl scripts.

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