Generate spreadsheet reports that are delivered securely

Actuate announced the availability of Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet, including the new SmartSheet Security Option.

Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet gives users information in a format that can be immediately analysed and helps eliminate mistakes and errors resulting from each user manually inputting data into Microsoft Excel. Companies can use this capability to package and productise information in spreadsheets, offering business partners and customers a value-added service that strengthens their relationships and enhances efficiencies.

Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet introduces the SmartSheet Security Option, a breakthrough scaleable architecture to produce data-driven workbooks. The SmartSheet Security Option executes one query set against enterprise data sources and then manufactures one master catalogue that custom-generates spreadsheets upon request, to support millions of users.

The Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet Designer provides ease-of-use and powerful functionality for Excel power users tasked with supplying spreadsheets to large numbers of users. New features include the Data Range Editor to define dynamic workbook design blueprints and the Data Explorer to simplify data access. The Data Range Editor enables proper expansion, replication and reproduction of formulas and references in each spreadsheet as data expands and contracts. It automates the use of e.Spreadsheet’s report functions and creates security locks against groups, ranges and worksheets to establish the permissions for each recipient. The Data Explorer simplifies the definition of queries with runtime and view-time parameters that shape the spreadsheet data.

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