New security service eliminates botnet threats

Trend Micro announced the InterCloud Security Service, the industry’s most advanced solution for identifying botnet activity and offering customers the ability to quarantine and optionally clean bot-infected PCs.

InterCloud Security Service is designed to meet the performance and scalability requirements of ISPs, universities, and other large network providers. The solution incorporates a Service Delivery Platform and a service subscription that leverages Trend Micro’s expertise in threat identification, analysis, mitigation and remediation.

InterCloud Security Service specifically addresses the mounting threat posed by botnets — networks of compromised machines that can be remotely controlled by an attacker. Threats associated with botnets include click-fraud, DDoS, spam, identity theft via phishing and pharming techniques and other crimeware-related activity.

Because bots are often specifically crafted to avoid the detection of pattern matching, Trend Micro’s new service relies on patent-pending behavioral analysis technology known as Behavioral Analysis Security Engine (BASE). Trend Micro’s BASE technology analyzes aggregated application and network infrastructure data, including DNS queries and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing tables, to detect aberrant botnet-related behavior. As a result, Trend Micro’s InterCloud Security Service can effectively identify and isolate bots in real time whereby derailing their ability to initiate attacks or spread infection.

InterCloud Security Service customers also receive access to a service delivery platform that provides timely threat intelligence and security updates from Trend Micro’s Bot Identification Team — a global group of security specialists who monitor bot activity, analyze bot behavior and investigate bot distribution mechanisms. Additionally, a web-based management portal provides administrators with a holistic view of network bot activity and enables centralized management of policies and updates as well as customizable reports on recent violations of policies.

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