Kinamik delivers innovative approach to securing audit data

Kinamik Data Integrity S.L, a software security company that provides a unique approach to securing audit data, will be officially launched during the ETRE (European Technology Roundtable Exhibition) 2006 event in Barcelona this week. The company’s innovative cryptographic solutions deliver trusted immutable audit logs (IALs), guaranteed by the highest standards of data integrity, authenticity and confidentiality. They provide an independent and centralized tamper-proof registry of immutable data that can be used for audit, compliance and computer forensic purposes.

The solutions can be implemented at any business that requires a high level of integrity for audit trails such as administrations, financial, credit card, telecommunication, medical, insurance, on-line auction and entertainment industries as well as sensitive information sharing environments.

Requirements for trustworthy sources of audit data are being driven by regulatory compliance, privacy violations, demand for operations transparency and insider threats (80% of security attacks) such as administrator abuses.

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