Over 300 organizations now use Aventail Connect Mobile

Leading SSL VPN company Aventail today announced that over 300 organizations, including Mitsubishi Electronic Power Products, Trans State Airlines, and Mississippi Department of Corrections, are using Aventail Connect Mobile to securely and remotely connect their mobile workforce to network resources.  Connect Mobile is the market’s first SSL VPN designed and certified for Windows Mobile PDAs, providing an “in office” experience for end users connecting to email, client/server applications and other corporate resources. As an add-on to Aventail’s new ST2 SSL VPN, Connect Mobile is part of an integrated solution for all remote access. Aventail ST2 also provides easy-to-use, secure access to any application from desktops and laptops, as well as access to any Web application from any mobile device, including Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and DoCoMo devices.
To increase productivity and security for today’s workers, many enterprises are choosing to issue PDAs to mobile workers, such as sales or service personnel. In fact over 22% of the workforce use some type of mobile application, such as email and calendaring, and are demanding access to additional corporate applications and resources. It is therefore an IT imperative to find secure solutions that enable increased user productivity on PDAs. These solutions need to ensure security of the data and the corporate applications and integrate to the existing environment without being an expensive or unnecessary point solution. Aventail Connect Mobile is the first solution to meet those requirements.
Aventail ST2 with Connect Mobile provides complete security and control of mobile device access to critical network resources from any wireless network environment. Connect Mobile is a small agent that can be deployed on demand from a Web portal, or installed on the mobile device. It instantly provides users with secure, authenticated access to their email and client/server applications, as if they were on the corporate LAN. Significantly for full user productivity, this means that PDA users have session persistence, and can click on links in emails and immediately approve requisitions or review documents, instead of waiting to log in from their laptop. For top-level security, Connect Mobile provides encryption, highly granular access controls, End Point Control to interrogate the health of the device, and Device Watermarking to protect lost or stolen devices.

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