MX Logic now offering Web Defense Services

MX Logic Inc. is now offering a managed Web filtering and threat protection service to customers. The MX LogicSM Web Defense Service marks a major expansion in the company’s service portfolio by providing businesses with Web content filtering and protection from spyware, malicious code, viruses, keyloggers and phishing attacks.

According to IDC’s 2005 Enterprise Security Survey, viruses and worms continue to be the most serious threats facing corporations today, but spyware has rapidly climbed the priority list of enterprise security threats and now ranks as the second most serious threat for corporations.1 In addition, data gathered from the MX Logic® Threat Center proves that malware infections no longer result strictly from reckless Web browsing, but can also result from interaction with seemingly safe websites.

Based on industry-leading technology from Blue Coat Systems, Inc., the Web Defense Service comprises two core offerings – Threat Control and Content Control.

Threat Control: Email and Web threats are converging, so customers need a comprehensive solution that protects their networks from spyware, malicious code, viruses and phishing attacks — regardless of entry point. Threat Control utilizes Blue Coat SG appliances to provide superior protection from these threats and helps ensure that surfing the Web is a safe experience.

Content Control: According to IDC, 30 percent to 40 percent of all Web surfing in the workplace is not business related. To help businesses counter the risks and unproductive use of employee time associated with Web browsing, the Web Defense Service includes Content Control. Using Blue Coat WebFilter, Content Control blocks over 50 unique categories of content and has a patented dynamic real-time rating system that can categorize newly created sites “on the fly,” so that end users are always protected. In addition, a patented “safe-search” option closes a common loophole in URL filters by forcing leading search engines to remove inappropriate content from returned search results.

Businesses may purchase Threat Control and Content Control either individually or combined as Total Control. Additionally, businesses have the option of combining MX Logic’s Web Defense Service with the Email Defense Service.

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