Utimaco releases SafeGuard Encryption Solution

Utimaco Safeware announced the availability of its SafeGuard® Encryption Solution, a complete data security product capable of protecting digital information in virtually any device, from desktops and notebook PCs to Pocket PC mobile devices, removable USB drives and more. The application, which operates completely in the background, supports all the latest security standards and protocols for maximum data security.

In addition to its other functions, SafeGuard Encryption Solution protects outgoing email attachments with a self-extracting, passphrase-protected capability. It also prevents unapproved Plug-and-Play devices from being used—a major source of security breaches within an enterprise.
SafeGuard Encryption Solution is easily scalable from one device to thousands, making it ideal for all classes of users. The application offers a centralized administration capability including remote provisioning as well as easy policy management and IT maintenance.

To provide comprehensive data security, SafeGuard Encryption Solution provides complete encryption of the entire storage capacity of a mobile device, as well as single sign-on, pre-boot user authentication that prevents unauthorized access to a device. If the device is lost or stolen, all data is protected in all power modes including standby or hibernation. Even if a hard drive is removed from its host unit, the resident data is locked behind an impenetrable shield.

SafeGuard Encryption Solution creates a virtual hard drive that acts like an electronic vault to secure confidential digital information, yet each file can be downloaded, transferred to network servers, or saved to other storage devices without losing the applied encryption. Operation of the application is totally transparent to users, with no performance penalty imposed.

SafeGuard Encryption Solution is interoperable with Lenovo Rescue and Recovery, CSS and Computrace; it also offers the most sophisticated encryption algorithms such as AES (256 and 128 bit), IDEA (128 bit) and others. The application supports Microsoft XP/2000, Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition, Pocket PC 2002/2003, SQL Server 8.0 (SP3) and Novell Server 5.1/6.0 for central administration, and Citrix client 6.31 and Citrix Metaframe XP FR2 operating systems.

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