Three Checkmark certifications confirm the effectiveness of Panda Internet Security 2007

Panda Internet Security 2007, the new consumer solution from Panda Software for home users and professionals, has obtained Checkmark Antivirus Level 1 and 2 and Checkmark Trojan certification.
Checkmark certifications are awarded by the West Coast Labs independent security laboratories. These are voluntary tests for which security companies, such as Panda Software, can submit their products for exhaustive analysis in order to certify their effectiveness.
Checkmark Level 1 certifies that Panda Internet Security 2007 is able to detect all malicious code in the “In the Wild”, list generated by The Wildlist Organization, and comprising those threats that have been observed in circulation by more than one Wildlist reporter. Checkmark Level 2, on the other hand, indicates that the Panda Software solution, as well as detecting the malicious code mentioned in the list, is able to eliminate them from the system. The concept of disinfection includes aspects such as ensuring that a virus detected by an anti-malware product cannot re-infect, or that an infected file, after having been cleaned, can be used normally.
Checkmark Trojan testifies to the ability of Panda Internet Security 2007 to detect Trojans, a type of malware which due to its characteristics is particularly difficult to identify. West Coast Labs tests against a dedicated test suite of Trojans that reflects the problems encountered in the real world. This is updated regularly with samples collected from their honeypots and other sources. This test not only examines the detection capacity of a security solution, but also evaluates false positives.
These certifications confirm the quality and effectiveness of the new solution from Panda Software’s 2007 consumer range, which was launched just a few weeks ago. They come in addition to certification awarded to Panda Internet Security 2007 in the Desktop/Server Anti-Virus Detection category from ICSA Labs, an independent division of Cybertrust, for its detection of security threats in Windows XP, without returning false positives.

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