FraudWatch Intl. releases beta version of anti-Phishing software FWI Fraud Shield

FraudWatch International, an Australian based Anti-Phishing Company has this week released a beta version of it’s powerful Anti-Phishing Software, FWI Fraud Shield/a>.

We are providing a superior product to protect consumers. Our comprehensive analysis of phishing sites has resulted in an outstandingly high rate of protection utilizing the FWI Fraud Shield’s zero-hour detection engine.
FWI Fraud Shield works as an add-in to the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. FWI Fraud Shield is a multi-layered solution that protects from online identity theft by warning a user if they navigate to a known or unknown phishing website. FWI Fraud Shield utilizes a sophisticated heuristics detection engine, in combination with a comprehensive blacklist of known phishing websites.

The powerful heuristics within the software work silently in the background, using minimal system resources to analyse each website visited. This technology provides zero-hour protection to ensure users are protected even before a website is added to any blacklist.

FraudWatch International CEO, Mr. Trent Youl stated, “This beta release is the result of 12-months of analysis and development. Phishing is the fastest growing crime on the Internet, catching millions of unsuspecting victims. This beta version will give us the opportunity to gauge public interest and feedback on how we can improve the product. Our ultimate goal is to protect consumers from online identity theft, securing the end user’s personal information in a non-obtrusive manner. I believe the FWI Fraud Shield will empower Internet users to shop and bank online with confidence.”

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