Crossroads Systems joins Cyber Security Industry Alliance

Crossroads Systems, Inc. announced it has joined the Cyber Security Industry Alliance (CSIA) as a principal member. CSIA is the only advocacy group dedicated to ensuring the privacy, reliability and integrity of information systems through public policy, technology, education and awareness. Rob Sims, CEO and President of Crossroads Systems, joins other notable CEOs in a global effort to provide a comprehensive approach to information security.

“Our membership in CSIA reinforces Crossroads’ stanch commitment to working with other security providers to offer solutions that address important compliance requirements and safeguard vital data,” said Rob Sims, President and CEO of Crossroads Systems. “By actively engaging the campaign for global cyber security, Crossroads Systems brings a unique perspective focused on the confluence of storage and security so that data can be protected in a logical manner whilst at rest. Further, Crossroads is committed to developing simple, integrated and cost-efficient solutions that enable companies and governmental agencies of all sizes to have secure, resilient and accessible data — anytime, anywhere. Our key objective is for Business Information Assurance solutions to be easily and seamlessly deployed globally. I look forward to working closely with CSIA and its host of member companies.”

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