Hyperic enhances enterprise-class software security

Hyperic Inc. enhanced the security of its Hyperic HQ IT management platform with a comprehensive code audit, courtesy of Fortify Source Code Analysis. The audit, together with the addition of Fortify Source Code Analysis to Hyperic’s development cycle, significantly increases the value of Hyperic HQ to the enterprise. With this announcement, Hyperic is the first open source IT management provider to offer a platform that meets the same enterprise security checkmarks as the “Big 4” vendors while incorporating the open source benefits of cost and scalability.

“Hyperic HQ can manage virtually any operating system, web server, app server and database server, and can be extended to manage just about any kind of application. As such, it was critical that we provide security across the layers,” said Javier Soltero, President and CEO of Hyperic. “Fortify was a clear choice because of their deep experience securing enterprise software, and their understanding of how security fits into the software development lifecycle.”

By embedding Fortify within its software development process, Hyperic is able to deliver a more secure product by discovering, prioritizing and fixing security vulnerabilities before they become issues. “Security has always been vital to Hyperic’s success,” noted Soltero, “but a systematic code audit process is one more item on the checklist that can help open source software gain access to the enterprise.”

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