BitDefender proves Virus Bulletin judges wrong

BitDefender today announced that BitDefender 10 was awarded VB100% certification from Virus Bulletin for its ability to detect 100% of the viruses on the WildList. Tested by Virus Bulletin on Windows XP Professional SP2, BitDefender’s security solution was proven to be one of the most secure anti-virus solutions available.
Initially, Virus Bulletin judges failed BitDefender 10 because the software identified what had thought to be a clean file as malware.  All other security software tested identified the file as clean. However, upon closer examination, Virus Bulletin judges found that the file that BitDefender identified as malware actually was infected and commended BitDefender for detecting it.

“This is a dramatic confirmation of the value of BitDefender’s B-HAVE heuristic detection technology and a great morale booster for BitDefender,” stated BitDefender CTO Bogdan Dumitru. “We are thrilled to learn that BitDefender 10 found malware that went undetected by every other security software tested.” 

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