Protexx Security audit cracks cruise lines SSL and WEP Security

In a real-life version of Sneakers, the management of Radisson/Regent Cruise Lines asked Protexx, Inc. to perform a security audit on their ship’s network. During a 3-day cruise the Protexx team cracked the ships hard wired and WEP security, retrieved a million packets of information, and proved that the same vulnerabilities existed on the ship’s satellite communications.

Reading these intercepts generally isn’t difficult because the most commonly used Internet encryption system, 128-bit SSL and many 256-bit systems, can be cracked and read with freeware.

Protexx then enabled its bulletproof security solution for Wi-Fi data transmission — 2,048-bit encryption – and demonstrated that it provides unparalleled security even under the most adverse conditions in international waters during a storm. Protexx has since been enlisted to provide a single source proposal to remedy the ship’s vulnerabilities.   Â

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