Aventail’s SSL VPN used for secure Wi-Fi access in Universities across the globe

SSL VPN leader Aventail announced today that universities across the globe, including Norwich University, University of Ballarat, and University of Ottawa, have selected and deployed Aventail’s award-winning SSL VPN solution to help provide secure remote access to their campus-wide Wi-Fi networks.  IT administrators in universities are now strategically approaching their security infrastructure, selecting remote access solutions that provide students, facility and staff with easy, reliable access to their applications no matter where they are—off-campus, on-campus or on a mobile device—and at the same time increase their application security with strong access controls.
Security Requirements for Universities

Aventail is the only SSL VPN provider to provide universities with benefits such as: network-independent, centrally managed security; easy set up and use; seamless connectivity over Wi-Fi, wired or satellite; works on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and mobile devices; granular access controls including health monitoring of the end device; and “quarantine zones” for students whose devices need an update such as an OS patch or an anti-virus solution.

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