Hosting provider STRATO launches latest email security solution

STRATO, one of Europe’s leading web hosters today announces the launch of ServerSide Security, an anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing solution that will form part of all new and existing STRATO web hosting packages at no extra cost to the customer.

After conducting research into their own customer base, STRATO discovered that up to 80% of all emails reaching their users consisted of a combination of spam, phishing emails or email viruses. With the problem so close to home, STRATO understood the need to prioritise email security for all its customers.

As a result, STRATO formed a partnership with the Institute of Machine Learning at the Humboldt University in Berlin, and since 2005 has been developing a solution that will successfully combat the increasing security risks associated with damaging emails. This collaboration has resulted in ServerSide Security, which successfully fights online security risks by:

* Evaluating email messages not just by words, but also by word combinations
* Evaluation of information contained in the email header
* Classification and detection of phishing emails
* Recognition of email viruses on the basis of specific dispersion patterns
* The high level of filtration guarantees damaging emails are instantly removed before reaching a users spam folder
* Consideration and analysis of social graphs – whereby a calculation is made concerning how many times one person communicates with a set of others
* A removal of false positives in the spam folder which could lead to a phasing out of the spam folder as it becomes redundant

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