AppGate Network Security introduces automatic client configuration check

AppGate has strengthened end-point security by enabling automated client configuration checks on its new version 8 of the AppGate Secure Access Platform. The new functionality enables the client to do a sanity and status check on itself and the computer it runs on, before connecting to the AppGate security server.
This new client configuration check functionality aims to minimise the work a system administrator has to do when an AppGate solution is implemented, and is one of many new features in version 8.0.
AppGate protects applications and grants controlled access, making the system different from other Access systems.  AppGate’s Secure Access Platform is the engine in all AppGate products, providing a unique set of security features throughout the entire product range.
In many cases it is impossible for a systems administrator to know the configuration of all client systems, even for systems directly belonging to the organization,” according to Tomas Olovsson, CTO at AppGate Network security. “This can create a lot of extra work with support calls when implementing a new security system.

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