Cryptography Research upgrades DPA testing tools

Cryptography Research announced a new release of its DPA Workstation. The DPA Workstation is a smart card security evaluation platform which includes the hardware, software, and training needed to perform a wide range of power analysis and security tests. The upgraded testing suite improves a number of evaluation procedures, including a faster data collection environment, enhanced analysis of very large data sets, improved tools for high-order DPA, and new signal preprocessing. 

Smart cards and other tamper resistant devices can be vulnerable to differential power analysis, a non-invasive attack which can be used to extract secret keys. Effective countermeasures are required to prevent payment cards, ID cards, and other devices from fraud and abuse.

“Leading security testing labs and product developers rely on our DPA Workstation platform to simplify DPA testing and validation,” said Paul Kocher, President and Chief Scientist at Cryptography Research. “The improvements to the DPA Workstation and the enhancements to our DPA training program are part of our ongoing efforts to support our customers and licensees.”

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