PandaLabs detects a new wave of Spamta worms

PandaLabs has detected seven new variants of Spamta in circulation over the last few hours. This new wave of worms comes just one month after the previous one in which the creators of this threat released as many as 67 variants. It is not unlikely that new variants of this worm will appear over the next few hours.
The Spamta worms reach computers as attachments to emails. The appearance of these messages is variable, although in many cases they simulate email delivery error messages. The new variants detected are similar to each other, their only differences being the email messages they use as bait, the size or compressed format of the files that contain the worms, or the files that they copy to affected computers.
They are all designed to send themselves out to addresses they find on infected computers.
According to Luis Corrons, director of PandaLabs: “it would seem that the creators of the Spamta worms are determined to saturate the Internet with hundreds of variants of Spamta, although their ultimate objective is not very clear. We believe that the strategy could be to get users and security companies so accustomed to these worms that they drop their guard, and then the creators can strike by putting far more dangerous variants in circulation.”

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